Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Major League Collegiate Database 

Here is one of the coolest projects ever undertaken by SABR. It's the SABR Collegiate Database. When completed, SABR hopes to list the college where every major league (who played college ball) attended. So far, D-I and D-II schools are complete and D-III schools are about 50% complete.

I state unequvicocally that it is one of SABR's coolest projects because I had a hand in it. I went up to Holy Cross back in May to check out their archives for the Collegiate Committee. Believe it or not, Holy Cross was a baseball powerhouse back in the day. Their most famous player was arguably Lou Sockalexis, the Darryl Strawberry of the 1890's, for you kids at home.

Check this site out if you get a chance.

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