Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Democracy in Action 

Team Releases 5 Finalists For Baseball Name

It looks like the New Hampshire Primaries is back in the running. Why don't they just call them the Blue Jays or use some name with historical significance to Manchester baseball? Here's a partial list of names used when Manchester was in the New England League:

Manchester Amskoegs, 1891
Manchester Blue Sox, 1926-1930
Manchester Colts, 1905
Manchester Farmers, 1887
Manchester Giants, 1946-1947
Manchester Indians, 1934
Manchester Maroons, 1888
Manchester Manchesters, 1899
Manchester Reds, 1893
Manchester Textiles, 1906, 1914, 1915
Manchester Yankees, 1948-1949

Personally, I like the Amskoegs. But I forget if that is a politically correct or incorrect choice.

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