Sunday, December 14, 2003

Baseball great John a hit in Newington  

Tommy John spoke at a dinner held by the World Series Club of Hartford County Thursday night. The Astigmatic Eye was there to take in the whole scene.

Here's an article in yesterday's New Britain Herald about the event. John is currently pitching coach for the Edmonton Trappers. They are the AAA affiliate of the Montreal (or "Major League" as John calls them) Expos.

John spoke for about an hour or so. Among other things, John dismissed the media's recent obsession with steroids. He pitched during the amphetamine fueled seventies and doesn't think that baseball's problem with performance-enhancing drugs is any worse no than it was then. He also is a fan of what I call the "Earl Weaver Offense." Sentiments like these would put him in good graces with those that Don Malcolm derisively calls "Neo-sabes." But, John's understanding of baseball economics would probably dismay them. Don seems to have bought hook, line, and sinker the company line about small market teams not being able to compete. I guess he considers the Oakland A's (and the Twins) imaginary team(s).

I enjoyed John's stop on the "rubber chicken circuit". Next month, slugging Sam Horn will stop by. So might the Astigmatic Eye.

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