Monday, February 16, 2004

Baseball Author Lawrence Ritter, 81, Dies 

Baseball Author Lawrence Ritter, 81, Dies

Reaction from Red Bird Nation and Baseball Primer. Frankly, I'm not surprised that Ritter's death hasn't had much buzz in the baseball blogosphere. Most baseball bloggers seem to be concerned with the here and now as opposed to the rich past of the game. (editorial comment: Of course, news of Ritter's death was overshadowed by a big trade involving the Rangers and Yankees.)

I finally had the opportunity to read The Glory of Their Times last year. It was quite a treat. Plus the book was definitely an inspiration to others who wrote about baseball; both fiction and non-fiction. Ritter was quite the renaissance man. He wrote a very popular money and banking textbook as well as numerous works on baseball.

RIP, professor.

In memory of Ritter here is what he considered the essential baseball library.

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